Behind the scenes: A florist’s journey in creating the perfect bride bouquet

      Imagine it – beyond the excited looks and happy smiles of the bride and groom hides a story full of art and creativity, which belongs to a wedding florist on the French Riviera. It’s a captivating journey, full of colors and scents, where every natural beauty becomes part of a bride’s story.

      Known for its exceptional floral arrangements, Manakin Fleurs has a team of talented and passionate florists. Behind creating the perfect bridal bouquet are hours of planning, inspiration and hard work. A good wedding florist knows that every wedding is unique and therefore must apply all his skills to translate the wishes and dreams of the bride into reality.

    From selecting the freshest flowers and the perfect greenery, to the complementary choice of shades and textures, the bridal floral design should reflect her personality and tastes. Through their craftsmanship, the florists at Manakin Fleurs are able to create bridal bouquets that delight the eye and complement the bride’s elegance and beauty.

     Each bride’s flower bouquet is a work of floral art, meticulously created to represent the symbol of love, joy and beauty on that special day. The flowers chosen are carefully selected, taking care to match both the theme of the wedding on the French Riviera and the personality of the bride. It is a challenge and an honor for a wedding florist to bring to life a bouquet that complements the perfection of the moment.

      At Manakin Fleurs, the team of experienced florists is at the disposal of the bride and groom to create floral arrangements that will remain in the memory of these magical moments. Whether the bride wants a classic, elegant bouquet or a more extravagant one, floral artists put their talents to use to create an unforgettable creation.

     For details and personalized advice on creating the perfect bouquet for your wedding day, call this wedding planner on the French Riviera +33 78 66 00 498 or +33 64 74 41 358 and let the Manakin Fleurs florists turn your dream into reality. It’s time to turn your wedding day into a real living painting, full of flowers and emotions!