Exploring Innovative Solutions in Liquid Transportation: The Rise of Flexitanks by KriCon Group

In the ever-evolving world of liquid transportation, KriCon Group BV has long been recognized for its pioneering work with liquid tank containers. Since its inception in 2010, the company has dedicated itself to offering solutions characterized by safety, personalization, and flexibility, utilizing the latest technology in the field. In a significant expansion of their services, 2022 marked the introduction of KriCon Group’s Flexitank division, spearheaded by industry expert Matthias Bombe. This venture underscores KriCon’s commitment to advancing the logistics industry, providing customers with innovative alternatives for their transportation needs.

Flexitanks present a dynamic and cost-efficient option for the one-way transport of liquid goods, challenging the traditional reliance on tank containers. Comprising multi-layer polypropylene, these large bags seamlessly fit inside 20-foot dry shipping containers, offering capacities ranging from 14,000 to 24,000 liters. Their design ensures sterility and eliminates the risk of product damage, making them an optimal choice for transporting food-grade liquids and non-hazardous chemicals.

One of the standout advantages of utilizing Flexitanks is their ability to prevent cross-contamination, a critical factor when handling kosher, halal, or other sensitive products. Their application is especially beneficial in preserving the quality and flavor of consumables like wine, edible oils, and juices. KriCon ensures that each Flexitank is equipped with the latest accessories, linings, and bulkheads to maintain the highest standards of safety and quality.

While Flexitanks offer numerous benefits, it’s important to note their suitability for non-hazardous materials. For hazardous liquids or cargo requiring specific conditions—such as larger volumes or enhanced stability during transport—the use of traditional tank containers is recommended. KriCon’s tank containers can be customized for added stability or specific needs, and for lighter cargo in the EU and CIS regions, a larger capacity 23ft SWAP tank is available.

Flexitanks require professional installation within high-quality 20-foot dry shipping containers, a service KriCon proudly provides through its certified global depot locations. Utilizing certified personnel is key to ensuring the integrity of the Flexitank system, reflecting KriCon’s commitment to unparalleled customer service and quality assurance. Moreover, the company offers comprehensive loading and discharging equipment to facilitate seamless operations for their clients.

A critical challenge in using traditional tank containers is the logistical and financial burden of managing empty container repositioning. Analysts estimate that the industry spends over $20 billion annually on this issue alone. Flexitanks, however, mitigate this problem by eliminating the need for empty tank returns; once a Flexitank is unloaded and removed from its container, its lightweight folded state significantly reduces transportation and handling costs. This efficiency gain is a key driver behind the establishment of KriCon’s Flexitank division.

Choosing between Flexitanks and tank containers boils down to the nature of the product and the specific requirements of the transportation route. For food products and non-hazardous chemicals that benefit from sterile conditions and protection against contamination, Flexitanks are the superior choice. On the other hand, tank containers offer indispensable advantages for hazardous materials or circumstances demanding extra durability and modifications for safe transport over challenging terrains.

KriCon Group BV continues to lead the way in liquid transportation solutions, offering choices that cater to the diverse needs of their global clientele. By combining innovation with a steadfast dedication to safety and customer satisfaction, KriCon ensures that its Flexitank and tank container services represent both the present and future of efficient, cost-effective liquid logistics.