Obama intends to appoint a coordinator for the fight against Ebola

US President Barack Obama announced that he will appoint a coordinator for the fight against Ebola, reports RIA Novosti.

This position takes Ron Klein, who previously zanil post of head of unit with Vice President Joe Biden and Alfred Mountain.

Previously, Obama has canceled this week’s two campaign trips across the country, to hold a series of meetings in the White House to combat fever. The US president added that the possibility that an epidemic of Ebola virus will begin “very low” in the United States.

Obama also called on world leaders to increase aid to the affected countries. The US promised to send to Liberia to 4 thousand military to organize anti

Earlier it was reported that the US authorities are looking for airplane passengers, which flew a nurse, which was later diagnosed with Ebola. In the plane on which she was traveling the day before her diagnosis Ebola, were 132 people. According to the authorities, they were all under the threat of infection. Now the Center for Control and Disease spread is looking for their inspection.

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