US Nurses need to teach them to treat Ebola patients

The largest US union of nurses considering picketing hospitals, if they do not provide them with high-quality training programs to combat Ebola, according to Vox.

The head of the Joint Trade Union of Nurses Rose Ann De Moro said that her organization was ready “to take decisive action across the country,” which can “grow into pickets around the hospital.”

Nurses complain that they are not prepared to treat patients suffering from Ebola virus. Very few medical facilities to their staff explained how to treat these patients without the threat to Die. According to some nurses, instructing sometimes took less than 10 minutes, but some hospitals were limited and did a two Many employees do not know how to put on a protective suit. It is not so easy: elements in a suit much to put on and remove their need in strict order. Hospital staff said that hospitals need to make presentations showing how to handle protective clothing.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention continues to put pressure on medical facilities, demanding that every hospital in the country was ready to diagnose and treat patients with Ebola. Meanwhile, in the US a total of four clinics specialized in vysokozaraznyh diseases. In one of them at the moment is just engaged in treatment of a nurse, a patient infected by Ebola.

Earlier it was reported that the US authorities are looking for airplane passengers, which flew a nurse, which was later diagnosed with Ebola. In the plane on which she was traveling the day before her diagnosis Ebola, were 132 people. According to the authorities, they were all under the threat of infection. Now the Center for Control and Disease spread is looking for their inspection.

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